At FODI, we always try to provide the best possible support to our members with the resources we have available. Comments below come from asylum seekers from the following countries:

Congo, Ghana,  Iran, Cameroon, Eritrea, Syria, Somalia, Gambia, Nigeria, Angola,  Zimbabwe, Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire

Here are  some of our members’ comments about what the Drop-In means to them :

“A lot of things happening. Meeting new friends, having fun. Integration and interaction among ourselves, share different cultures, and offers a lot of different support”

“Good at attending to people and helping with their concerns”

“So much. Feel good psychologically when I come here and feel refreshed for the week. Plan the week around it, my English has improved and now confident to interact”

“It’s like my family in Sunderland”

“It means a lot in my life and improve my conditions to have confidence on whatever I am doing. Am always happy when Wednesday is approaching. I cannot afford to be absent from this happy session”

“An organisation which support all nations and not just individuals”


FODI has links with many partner organisations who either attend the Drop-In or help in supporting our members. In August 2015 we did a survey with 15 of our partner organisations from the public , voluntary and community sectors. Here are some of the comments about the support FODI provides:

“The work that FODI does is beyond amazing within the limited resources they have. The wraparound care service they provide to clients is thoughtful, well intentioned  and clearly appreciated by service users. Staff at FODI are careful not to overstep the boundary into giving legal advice; which can be misinformed even if well intentioned.”

“It is a great place for the Asylum Seekers to engage with other organisations, and with other members from various countries. I have been very impressed with the achievements of Friends of the Drop-In. They have worked tirelessly and imaginatively to provide a wide range of support and welcome to asylum seekers and refugees.”

“They have my full support and their service is invaluable to their users. A fantastic organisation with extremely dedicated volunteers.”

“FODI offers the support that ourselves as a legal practice do not have the time to give. They offer a whole person service wherever possible whereas we are often confined to dealing with legal issues.”

” Offers a welcoming and non-judgemental service that gives refugees and asylum seekers in Sunderland an opportunity to seek advice, to get support, to engage in social activities and to meet others from a range of backgrounds and situations.”