We have recently run a number of very successful sessions with Richard Miles and Paul Marshall, Community Engagement Officers for the police in Sunderland,  on living safely in the UK and reporting hate crime. The sessions were open ended with many opportunities to ask questions afterwards and a good relationship was established between the officers and the asylum seeker community.

We had the help of volunteer interpreters from FODI for the Arabic, Farsi, Amharic, Tigrinyan, Oromo and  Kurdish communities . We were grateful to  receive an Awards for All grant as part of the BME network series of sessions regarding education, crime prevention etc. and this  money has been used to translate the accompanying notes and printing these guides to put into the asylum seeker houses’ welcome packs. The PDF versions of these are available for here for anyone to download.

ENGLISH Police safety talk

ARABIC Police safety talks

KURDISH police safety talk

FARSI Police safety Talk

OROMO police safety talk

TIGRINYA police safety talk

AMHARIC police safety talk

FRENCH Police safety talk

RUSSIAN Police safety talk